You Have To Become The Kind Of Person Who Deserves The Life You Want

Thought Catalog

11488873195_62dcabe548_zMateus Felipe C.

We’re conditioned to believe that there is only so much happiness to go around.

Beginning at a young age, we’re almost pitted against one other in the race for superiority. That mindset still seeps into our daily interactions, and is certainly a pillar of the me-centric media culture we’ve created. We’re taught that there are winners, there are losers. There are people who make it, there are people who don’t, and you need to be someone who does. There are only so many positions, so many success stories, so many opportunities to make the life you want. You need to choose from the human catalog of physical success and fight for a limited edition lifestyle.

We settle ourselves into the idea that happiness and success are things that somebody else bestows upon us – bosses give jobs, lovers commit to ‘forever.’ No wonder we constantly feel out of control. No wonder…

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